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Our facility accommodates children from 6 weeks to 12 years. We offer a balanced learning environment with times for both structured and creative learning opportunities. All staff undergo a rigorous screening to make sure that they are capable and qualified to teach your child.

At Kiddie City, we follow the Building Blocks for Pre-K as a guide for teaching and learning. You can find out more about the standards at the Illinois Department of Education, located here.


We seek to provide safe, high quality child care which includes opportunities for all our children to grow and mature, at their own developmental level. Our center's main goal is to provide your family with a safe and nurturing environment. Additionally, we strive to offer a comprehensive learning program, which encourages children to be creative, and use a sensory approach to learning.

Kiddie City Kollege Inc. is based on the foundation of learning, but most importantly on our principles of faith. We include educational stories into our daily activities. We believe that children are a precious gift from God, and we provide the children with the fundamentals they need in life to grow spiritually, morally, physically, academically, and socially to his or her highest capabilities.


We believe in meeting the needs of the whole child. At Kiddie City, we focus on more than teaching kindergarten readiness skills such as the alphabet and counting. Which isn't to say that we don't teach these things, but we also make sure to nurture skills that your child will need their whole life, such as problem solving, conflict resolution, making decisions and thinking for oneself.

We believe that children learn best through experiencing things for themselves, rather than through a teacher explaining things. We make sure to carefully prepare the environment so that your can child learn many things by using all of their senses. Centers vary from classroom to classroom, but those offered may include: Dramatic Play, Art, Construction, Discovery (science), Writing, Music, Library, and Manipulatives (math). By offering centers, children are actively involved in their learning-- through making a choices on where to play, by choosing the materials to play with and even how to play with them.

We believe that parents are a child's first teachers and that parents and teachers must work together to promote learning. Parents are invited to volunteer in the classroom, participate in holiday activities, help through fundraising, complete special send-home activities, and participate in social activities. Parents are always welcome to visit in the classroom.

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